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Property is Property Management Services Company aimed towards providing quality services which are required for Property Management, Maintenance and Up Keeping of any property - Land or House or Flat or Building. In the current scenario many of us are constantly relocating for Work or Personal reasons. During such times a critical issue regarding property management crops up in the minds of people who are relocating.

  • How will I manage my property while being away from Chennai?

  • Who will safe guard my property?

  • How do I ensure I get good tenants?

  • How do I ensure there are my miscreants or unauthorized persons entering into my property? is a Property Management Services Entity is concepted mainly to provide the needed support & answers for the above question. With our experience in the field of Construction, Real Estate & Home Management we will strive to provide high quality services related to various aspects of Property Management.

Our Team is managed by a team of professionals with wide experience in Construction, Civil Engineering, Home Maintenance & Property Management Services.

Our extended Team Consists of,

  • Civil Charted Engineers

  • Government Approved Valuers

  • Chennai Corporation Approved Licensed Surveyors

  • Advocates well versed with all property matters

  • Senior Engineers with full Knowledge of Construction disputes & Arbitration matters

  • Construction Engineers with full Knowledge of Latest Construction Techniques.

  • Professional Team of Home Service & maintenance personnel

Our Quality Guarantee reaches beyond industry standards to provide a full scope of property management and advisory services to its clients. Whether we are managing a luxury, high-rise, affordable or senior community, we measure our success on the high satisfaction of our clients and residents. For more information about our services, please contact us.

Tell us about your requirement today.

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