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Property Inspection Services

Inspecting a Prefabricated Wall

Property Owners who own property in other Places away from their place of residence find it difficult to manage or Maintain or Safeguard. In few other cases people live outside Chennai and they are constructing a building or home in their property in Chennai.

In both of these cases cases it is very important that the Property Owners are regularly updated of the happenings around his property or his construction. 

In the absence of a professional entity and trusting a local contact or friend or agent or construction company can result in unpleasant experiences. It is advisable to appoint Professional Companies who can periodically Inspect the properties and have a monitoring report which gives the owners confidence about their Property.



We at offer Property Inspection Services based on the Customer Requirements. We make periodic visits to the property and furnish reports along with digital pictures. We will also keep you abreast with the infrastructure improvements around your plot like upcoming schools, shopping malls, etc.

Vacant Land.jpg

Vacant Land

Periodic Inspection of the land, checking for any suspicious activities , Unauthorised Encroachments , Boundary Wall extensions from neighbour properties, Landscaping & keeping the property clean of any vegetation growth.

Underconstruction Property.jpg

Under Construction Properties

Periodic Inspection of the Construction Activities, Measurement Verification against Working Drawings & Approved Plan, Construction Materials Quality & Quantity Inspection, Present current Constructions Stage Updates supported with Reports & Photographs.

Fully Completed buildings.jpg

Fully Completed Buildings

Inspection of the Building to assess the present Physical condition of the property, Damages or Leaks with recommendation for repairs. We also check for any Unauthorised possession of the property or any other legal complication which the Property Owner may not be aware. 

A detailed Home Inspection from a property management entity is an inexpensive way to understand in detail about the condition of a home. It is important to conduct a home inspection to avoid a costly mistake by purchasing a property in-need of major repairs.

A home inspection also gives you information about the types of maintenance required to keep the home in good shape and all major systems operating smoothly. After spending two to three hours with an inspector, followed by a digital report furnished with dozens of photos and related commentary, you will have a much better understanding of the property you intend to purchase. Home Inspection also provides a good idea of how the tenant is currently maintaining your property.

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