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Property Management Services

Construction Managers

Exclusive for NRI clients and clients who live outside Chennai, we offer customized Property Management Services Package which encompasses the following services,

  • Property Inspection Service -    Monitoring Services, Stage Inspection, Construction Updates, Tenancy Verification, Usage verification, Easementry Issues, Unauthorized Occupancy

  • Tenancy Management – Identifying good clients, verification of Tenants & regular checking up, Rent Collection & Deposit

  • Utility Management – Regular Payment of Electricity Bills , Water & Property Tax

  • Due Diligence & Legal Guidances – Working with our legal team to identify if any legal complexity is present or support with existing litigation cases.

  • Property Document support - Obtaining of Patta / Khata / Encumbrance Certificate / Title Deedwith various government offices

  • Planning Guidance - Design & Drawings Support, Getting Planning Permits

  • Guidance - Buying & Selling of Properties, Joint-Venture Schemes

  • Regulatory Support as needed.

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