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Document to Check While buying a Real Estate Property

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Any Real Estate Property Purchase be it a Apartment, Individual House of Vacant Land or Farm Land is an exciting process but at the same time can be stressful as well. People who are not in the Real Estate Field are always concerned about what to check during a Home Purchase.

In this blog post we try to address these concerns by listing out the documents which are essential and required to scrutinize while buying a Home Purchase.

Real Estate Property Purchase Document Checklist

Land Sale Deed ( present ownership proof ) - Executed between Seller and Current Owner

Construction Agreement for Flat or Apartment

Building Plan Approved by CMDA/DTCP or Local Planning Authority in your state or City.

Patta/Chitta/Adangal/A-Register Revenue Records to verify the owner name, extent of property etc.

Land Parent Documents of previous History to verify if there are any hidden encumbrances or easementary rights

Encumbrance Certificate for last 30 years - to check if there any present encumbrances or property is free to sell

Property Tax Receipts - to verify the name of seller is as per the Sale Deed

Electricity Bill Receipts

Any Power of Attorney Documents

Legal Opinion if any - to ensure the property is free from any legal encumbrances

If Vacant Land- Layout approval details and Land Usage Type - agricultural or dry land

Completion Certificate for Property - to ensure if the property is completed as per Plan and no deviations ( may not be applicable in older properties)

Possession Certificate to verify if the property ( if any )

In the next post we will detail each of the Item and what to look for in each item


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